School Classes

  • Babies (0–2 years): Pink Group

At Baby-mummy club babies can  participate with their parents, where after a musical session a number of babies’ topics will be discussed with our club manager who is childcare professional.

Free for families who have one or more children in our school.

Toddlers (2,5–4 years): Purple Group

Our kindergarten teachers are bringing exciting programs to the kindergarten age group. They are doing fabulous things and creative solutions for this year.

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Music time
  • Traditional Hungarian Costoms and Riddles
  • Folk dance
  • Session reading or slideshow
  • The world of Hungarian shapes, numbers, colours and words

At the end of the event, the most active child will be able to take Boribon the teddy bear home

 Young Children (5–7 years): Orange Group

They are going systematically through the Hungarian National Feasts, special days and family celebrations, and the sessions are built around this. They learn writing and pronunciation of Hungarian letters through games and become acquainted with our traditions.

Several Hungarian tales are elaborated during the year.

Permanent topics:

  • Hungarian alphabet, writing and reading basics
  • Hungarian traditions
  • Folk dance
  • Music
  • Drama
  • Arts and Crafts

 Preteens (7–9 years): Green Group

This age group studies Hungarian history in more depth, our literature and they will learn about our culture and geography. Throughout the year, they will play the games referring to classical heroes in the textbooks, touching on history, traditions and exciting adventures.

Some Hungarian poems are being processed during the year.

They are writing and studying in Hungarian (at age 6-7 children reach language level when brain can distinguish writing and reading in more than one language.)

Permanent topics:

  • Hungarian reading and writing
  • Hungarian history 
  • Folk dance
  • Music
  • Drama
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Puppetry


Teens (10–13 years): Turquoise Group

Throughout the year, they will not only strengthen their knowledge and literacy skills but also their self-knowledge and conflict management techniques will improve. These skills can greatly enhance their adolescence. Learning all of these topics in our mother tongue strengthens their language skills, and drama teaching assists their self-confidence and ability to express themselves.

They will also analyse folk tales during the academic year through which they can learn how the colorful the Hungarian language is, the life at different regions and develop their reading and comprehension skills.

On the threshold of adolescence, we give them the option to choose from certain adult club activities such as choir, folk dance etc.

Permanent topics:

  • • Personal development: conflict management and self-knowledge
    • Hungarian history
    • Hungarian literature
    • Drama: singing, grammar, phrasing, speech etc.
    • Mandatory Club Activities:
    • The Northern England Hungarian Choir
    • Hungarian folk dance
    • Pop-in: drama practice and improvisation exercise to improve creativity and self-confidence

Youth Group (13–18 évesek): Blue Group

It is extremely difficult to be an adolescent, especially in a foreign country, away from the motherland. This may cause some confusion in the formation of identity, lack of knowledge of their own culture. Communication in a foreign language can make it difficult to express feelings and acquire friends. There might be a breakdown in communication even if they are using their mother tongue.  We would like to help with fun, exciting programs.

We want to pay extra attention to our teenagers and young adults.
Some are at the brink of a career choice with their college and university years’ lying ahead. They are at a very sensitive stage of their personal and social development.

Although this age group can choose which session to attend, we recommend that the final choice is made by consulting parents.

Through a session, they learn:

  • Fluent language usage through psychology topics, literacy and history
  • Conflict-handling, self-awareness, assertive communication
  • Gain creativity and expert association on Hungarian language
  • Work on contemporary project as a team: YouTube channel, video editing, sound engineering, studio time, music writing, design, project management, interview and portfolio creation.
  • Also gain higher self-esteem, work experience, employability, networking and have fun together!