About us

As the  first Hungarian supplementary school in the Northern UK was founded in 2014 with the purpose of providing an opportunity to learn the native language and preserve the Hungarian culture and traditions. We believe it is especially important to pass on our cultural heritage to the present and future generations. Furthermore, we also aim to support integration to the United Kingdom through our English language program, and moreover, share our cultural heritage with other nationalities to support the inter- and multicultural in Manchester. 

Our skilled teachers, numerous volunteers and supporters help in our mission and we are eternally grateful for them.

Preservation of culture

We offer traditional folk dancing and Kodaly-method based music education for all our age-groups. Our curriculum is based on the folklore special days and customs. Through poppet, arts and crafts, fairy-tale- and drama pedagogy, we can playfully teach the Hungarian literacy, history and traditions.

Treasure our native tongue

For the mastery of our rich and varied language, we guide our students through songs, poems, rhymes, colourful stories and drama plays. In the afternoon we provide for adults a possibility to learn Hungarian as a foreign language, also it is possible to look into the Hungarian history and literature for everyone who is interested.

Teenagers and identity

Our teenagers gladly take part in our improvisation and psychodrama classes, we also help them with self-knowledge and conflictresulution. Our lessons for the adolescent have been expanded with social and national identity lessons. All these are based on the integral educational method with playful exercises through fun and big Aha! moments. Above all with other partner organisations, we organise contemporary projects, such as video editing, studio time, critique writing, portfolio creation, design, marketing and project management.

Leisure and entertainment

We provide activities for specific age groups, as well as common programs (such as concerts, conference, family afternoons, community events, balls etc.). We aim to organise effective, variable, but entertaining programs to have fantastic time together. For the conversation lovers, we offer cafe and tea. However, the introverted members can enjoy the silent adventures or the rich knowledge are offered by our library.

“Culture cannot be inherited. The culture of our ancestors quickly fades away, unless every generation acquires it for themselves.”
/Kodály, Zoltán/

Club members

This includes registered club members, volunteers, teachers, administers, and leaders from the last 4 years. We did not include the hundreds of non-members who visited an individual event.


Besides the school and club days we organise conference, concerts, we welcome guests, also we had joint events with the Manchester-, Chester community, Beat Bazaar Projects and the Youth Group of Warrington.


We are proud for our media appearance: Huniverse TV, Duna TV, 6:3 Magazine, MIZU? Magazine, Manchester Evening News, Panorama Magazine, several online articles, pedagogical journal study, Youtube, BBC Radio, other TV interviews.


Financial and in-kind supporters helped our club and school to survive with bigger or smaller toys, books, goods, service discounts, money donations, bid writing, voluntary work and time to uphold our work through the last four years.

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