Zsigmond Király Supplementary School


High quality education with wide range of knowledge, from up to date text books, only with qualified teachers.


Our aim is to preserve and pass on our cultural heritage, customs, and traditions to our present and future generations.


Spend an exciting and informative Saturday afternoon with us where all the family can relax and learn at the same time.

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Click the link bellow to find our registration form, where you can request the annual membership to our club. Our club members can enjoy 50% discount on all of the club activities and/or school events.

Upcoming Events

A warm welcome to everybody for our next club day, It will be fun, exciting, educational and suitable for all ages. We organising club activities, concerts, supplementary education, adult learning and language classes as well.

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Support us, so we can support you. One hundred percent of contributions will be used to support our school, allowing us to reduce tuition fees and potentially offering scholarships. Your support and any contribution is valued.

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